From Suomen Arktinen AT-Vihannes to Salon Vihanneshalli
The company is founded in 1993 as a result from the cooperation among cucumber growers in Salo region. The activities were started under the name of Suomen Arktinen AT-Vihannes the name being afftected by finnish arctic farming conditions.
In the beginning the cucumbers were packed as a sub-contract work for planters. Herein the key shareowners founded Salon Vihanneshalli Oy (1999) for company’s own packing production. In 2010 Suomen Arktinen AT-Vihannes was merged with Salon Vihanneshalli Oy.
Today Salon Vihanneshalli Oy make contracts in Salo region for growing cucumbers and distribution by wholesale dealers  around Finland. From the beginning packing local cucumbers has been belonging to the main target.
The product tastes derive from natural spices. Based on a continuous development work Salon Vihanneshalli Oy is providing environmentally friendly produced and tasty vegetable products.
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Salon Vihanneshalli Oy
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